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The Virtual Museum

The Virtual Museum is just what it sounds like--an online museum of artifacts and materials from Boxwell's history. Unlike the photos loaded onto Flickr, this museum makes an attempt to tell parts of the Boxwell story. In short, there is context here; you can see how the images or the songs fit into the larger story of Boxwell.

The Virtual Museum has two parts, and these parts reflect the way an actual, physical museum operates. The first part is the "Permanent Exhibits." The "Permanent Exhibits" section is material that will not change. It will always be posted and available whenever you are interested in seeing it. This contains material about Camp Life, Boxwell Program, the reservation itself, and various little odds and ends related to these bigger topics.

The second part of the Museum is the "Special Exhibits" section. Unlike the Permanent Collection, the "Special Exhibits" section has two unique features. First, it will feature rotating exhibits, just like a regular museum. Second, and more importantly, it will focus on specific aspects of Boxwell's history, unlike the general nature of the Permanant Collection.

So, choose a section and let your journey into Boxwell's history begin!

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An Actual Museum?

In planning the 1999 Staff reunion, there was serious discussion of having a physical Boxwell Museum. The museum would house genuine artifacts, such as patches, staff hats, and uniform, as well as original photos and whatever else was appropriate--not replicas.

Where was this museum going to be housed? The now abandoned Pump House! The attraction of having a museum on camp grounds was admittedly attractive as it would be easily accessible to all who came to Boxwell. However, these plans were scrapped when the Pump House was deemed too insecure a location to house the original artifacts. Unfortunately, "easily accessible" worked for people coming in off the lake as well!


Permanent Exhibits


Special Exhibits


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Woodbadge Staff